Birth of a Movement

-Our History-

OMNY, which stands for “One Miracle in New York,” started in late 2006 as one of Shumei’s art and beauty initiatives to engage Shumei’s youth in New York. Initially, the dream of having a taiko group in New York City seemed unrealistic for many reasons: the cost of drums, finding an affordable practice space, and finding a permanent taiko teacher to lead the group. However, thanks to the unwavering passion and generosity of Shumei members, a miracle happened and OMNY Taiko was born!

We view taiko drumming as a spiritual art. The sound of the taiko drum is as pure and as fundamental as the heartbeat and therefore has the power to cleanse ourselves and our surroundings. Our style of drumming is traditional, with our main emphasis on the taiko drums and the taiko player’s spirit.

That first miracle of beginning a taiko group blossomed into many more, including our own spiritual growth and the inspiration it gives to our audiences. Since our inception, we have performed all over the country and have collaborated with many different taiko groups, musicians, and performers.

OMNY Taiko’s members come from very diverse backgrounds, but we all have a passion for sharing the beauty of taiko with the world. As OMNY sounds like the prefix “omni” which means “all”, our motto is: “We all play as one to unite the hearts of all.”

We hope the sound of taiko drumming will resonate with your heart as it does with ours.
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Music for Peace

-Our Mission-

OMNY Taiko’s mission is to foster a culture of community and support through the art of Japanese taiko drumming to impact and connect our global society.

Our vision is to study, learn, develop, preserve and promote the traditional styles of taiko drumming by combining music, movement, and spirit to provide communities from different background with opportunities for greater cultural awareness through our performances.


Thank you

-Our Inspirations-

Thanks to your support throughout the years, we are able to to provide low-cost and free workshops for the community. We are so grateful to be here today and be able to share our passion with you.

  • Our Volunteers – We couldn’t have made it this far without the people who have volunteered and supported us since our inception. Our first drums were loaned to us by the Catskills Foundation and our first practice space was a garage loaned to us by a couple living in Brooklyn. Thanks to the generosity of so many people, we now have our own drums and our own practice space! There are countless people who have volunteered their time and energy to helping us grow over the years, and we couldn’t be more grateful.
  • Our Players Throughout the Years – What started as three kids and a car tire (we didn’t have a drum and this was the closest thing we had), we have grown into a full group with many members of all ages and backgrounds. Our members, past and present, have truly become a family in that we love and support each other unconditionally.
  • The Community – We have received an unbelievable amount of support and love from those who attend our concerts and workshops. You are the reason we keep striving and moving forward. It is the greatest honor and the greatest joy for us to be able to share our music and passion with the world.