Celebrating Our Members

A lot of different flowers make a bouquet. – Muslim Saying

OMNY Taiko is filled with members of all backgrounds. We celebrate our diversity and ability to bring together different cultures in order to create beautiful art.

OMNY Taiko’s chief instructor is Koji Nakamura Sensei. Koji originally studied taiko under Ondekoza before establishing the Shumei Taiko Ensemble. From there, he eventually moved to the United States. Though he is based in Los Angeles, he travels regularly throughout the country to teach taiko.

Our current performing members include:

Crystal Lau (Since 2006)
Ohmar Bogle (Since 2011)
Greg Valure (Since 2012)
JJ DelSerra (Since 2012)
Eyal Bar-David (Since 2012)
Nora Au (Since 2014)
Clare Wilson (Since 2015)
Omari Matthew (Since 2015)
Linda Shum (Since 2017)

Past Members:

Yvonne Chen, Joseph Chung, Linda Lam, Tony Tan, Kazuma Ban, Mai Ling, Keith Tonnessen, Scott Palma, Daniel Hsu, Timothy Yung, Belinda Lai, Jonathan Sayres

Crystal Lau

Instructor and
Creative Director

JJ DelSerra


Eyal Bar-David