Thanks For Your Support!

Thank you for supporting us! OMNY Taiko is run completely by volunteers, and our activities are only possible through the generous support of people like you.

Your (tax-deductible) donations go toward equipment repairs (those drums really take a beating!), free or low-cost workshops and concerts, and sustaining our day-to-day operations. They also support our long-term vision of securing a dedicated rental space that OMNY members can access 24/7—this would greatly increase our ability to practice more frequently and engage the community with more workshops and shows. We hope you will support our ongoing mission to connect people and build community through the power of taiko drumming.

Our organization’s full name is Rijicho of the Shinji Shumeikai of America.

OMNY Taiko, our all-volunteer community taiko (Japanese drumming) group, is now facing one of our greatest existential challenges. Our practice space, which has been our home for over a decade, has very suddenly become permanently unavailable to us. We are now desperately searching for an affordable space to conduct rehearsals and store our equipment. Additionally, our aging drums are in great need of both repair and appropriate cases in order to keep their sound and appearance performance-worthy for when we can take the stage again.

Our immediate goal is to raise $3000. This would allow us to purchase cases to properly store and preserve the sound of our 8 drums, which are currently in storage until we are able to secure a new rehearsal space. In these highly uncertain times, arts organizations like OMNY are being hit particularly hard. But we also understand that everyone is facing their own set of challenges right now. If you can afford to donate, any amount you give will help us and our equipment weather this storm and ensure that we can keep playing for the community for years to come. If you can’t, we’d be incredibly grateful if you’d help us spread the word by sharing with family, friends, and on social media.

Here are some suggested donation levels with corresponding tokens of our appreciation:

  • Ally Level: $25 donation (sticker)
  • Friend Level: $50 donation (pin)
  • Family Level: $100 (sticker, pin, name in future program)
  • Taiko Protector Level: $250 (sticker, pin, name in future program, and T-shirt). This level covers the cost of a drum case!